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Houses proposed for field by Drove Vets

A planning application has been submitted to build 34 houses in the field opposite Drove Vets. The vets previously applied to build 16 offices in the field. That planning permission, from 2017, has now lapsed. Drove Vets sold the field in 2019 and the new owners now want to build houses there instead. The homes

Taylor Wimpey seek to sell Westlecott Farm Cottages

Taylor Wimpey have submitted a planning application to release themselves from an obligation to give Westlecott Farm Cottages to Swindon Borough Council. They instead want to sell them. The original planning permission for Wichelstowe included an obligation for Taylor Wimpey to give the farm cottages, vacant, to Swindon Borough Council. These are the cottages part

Small care home proposed for Trecastle Road

A company from Falkirk in Scotland plans to convert a house in Trecastle Road into a small care home. Safe As Houses Property Investment PLC has submitted a planning application to convert 8 Trecastle Road into a care home for five residents. The plan would see the two largest bedrooms of the six bedroom house each

Plans for 182 homes between Waitrose and East Wichel Way

The joint venture between Swindon Borough Council and Barrett Developments have submitted plans for the first part of their ‘Wichel Fields’ development. This is the area between Mill Lane and Foxham Way, filling in the field opposite the end of East Wichel Way. The development will have 182 houses and apartments, including eight houses for

Private medical clinic proposed for East Wichel

A private cosmetic treatment company has submitted plans to convert an empty shop unit in East Wichel into a private medical clinic. The company, Anna Medical Aesthetics Ltd, wants to convert the ground floor of a building on Trevello Road into a clinic with 3 or 4 treatment rooms. The proposal says that the treatment

Dentist surgery set to open in East Wichel

Subject to planning permission, a dentist surgery could be opening in East Wichel. A planning application has been submitted on behalf of dentist Keith George to turn what was Taylor Wimpey’s last East Wichel sales office into a dental surgery. The surgery, named ‘Wichelstowe Dental Care’ in the application, would have three dentists and a

The shop that never was

A building where there were once hopes for a shop it now set to become flats. A planning application for a shop at 34 Trevello Road was first submitted in 2011. The same person submitted a revised application in 2015. Now Taylor Wimpey have submitted an application (S/PRIORC/17/1943) to convert the ground floor of 34

Ambrose Field planning application to be decided at planning committee

The planning application from Taylor Wimpey to build 160 homes on land between East Wichel and Croft Road will be decided at tomorrow’s (Tuesday’s) meeting of Swindon Borough Council planning committee. The council received 71 comments supporting the application and and 139 comments objecting to the application. Despite opposition from all the ward councillors, the

First planning application for Middle Wichel homes submitted

Architects have submitted a planning application for the first houses to be built at ‘Canalside’ in Middle Wichel. The development of 85 homes — which has been labelled ‘Herons Water’ or less imaginatively ‘Wichelstowe Parcels 2 & 3’ — was submitted by Metropolitan Workshop architects just over a week ago on behalf of Forward Swindon,

New bus stop kerbs for old

Whilst Swindon Borough Council have been proclaiming the submission of a planning application for new houses in Middle Wichel — we’ll come back to that when full details of the application are available and there’s more to comment on than pretty artist’s impressions — it’s a rather minor recent planning application that has caught our

Drove Vets set to build 16 offices

In a plan submitted to Swindon Borough Council, Drove Veterinary Hospital are proposing to build sixteen offices in the field opposite their practice. The proposal — branded “Croft Road Business Village” by the developers — will also include a short length of canal, though there is no suggestion in the proposals that the developers intend

Taylor Wimpey re-apply to build at Croft Road

Taylor Wimpey have submitted a planning application to build 62 houses to the west of Croft Road. If approved, the development would fill much of the space between East Wichel and the houses on Croft Road and Ambrose Road. The proposal claims that the first houses will be completed in 2018 or 2019, and the

Council seeks approval for Wichelstowe District Centre design code

The Design Code for the Wichelstowe District Centre is now open for formal consultation. It has been submitted by the Wichelstowe team at Swindon Borough Council for approval by the council’s planning committee. Despite the intention to be less prescriptive about building appearance than in East Wichel, the District Centre design code runs to 132 pages

Convenience store planning and licence applications

Planning and alcohol licence applications have been submitted to Swindon Borough Council for the empty shop at 34 Trevello Road. The planning application (S/15/0338) is from the same person that submitted an application over three years ago for the same building. That application was withdrawn following concerns raised by the council about noise and the

Taylor Wimpey apply to build at Croft Road

Taylor Wimpey have submitted a planning application to build 62 houses to the west of Croft Road. If approved, the development would fill much of the space between East Wichel and the houses on Croft Road and Ambrose Road. Despite having not even started building the shops in East Wichel, Taylor Wimpey’s planning application mentions

Local shops – new planning application

Taylor Wimpey have submitted a new planning application, S/RES/13/1087, for the area between the school and East Wichel Way, including up to five shops or offices. As with other recent applications from Taylor Wimpey, there is also a change to the East Wichel Design Code linked to the application, though details of that were not

Planning Application – Parcel WV09

Taylor Wimpey have submitted a new planning application, along with a change to the East Wichel Design Code, for parcel WV09. This is the area of land between Trevello Road, Staldon Road and Stonehenge Road, to the west of the school. The plan is a significant change from Taylor Wimpey’s previously approved application for this

Planning Application – Parcel WV28

Taylor Wimpey have submitted a new planning application for parcel WV28. This is the area of land between Fernacre Road and the Community Centre. The new application is for a lower number of houses than their previous application, approved in 2010. That was for 37 dwellings, this one is for 32. The reduction is a

Wichelstowe supermarket planning application

A planning application, S/RES/13/0485 has now been submitted by Kilo Properties Limited for a supermarket beside the canal at the junction of Mill Lane and Foxham Way. There’s not much doubting whom the architects would like you to think the occupant will be, but apart from the artist impressions of the store, there’s little evidence

Convenience store planning application

A planning application (S/ADV/11/1724) has been submitted to turn 34 Trevello Road into a convenience store. This is the double fronted building facing across the mud towards the primary school. This application gives the prospect of a shop being open well before construction of the main parade of shops has even started.