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East Wichel play park set for a makeover

East Wichel’s six-years old play area is to be improved by South Swindon Parish Council. Since the parish council took over the play areas in its area from Swindon Borough Council, it has had a rolling programme to upgrade them. Although at the time it was described as being high quality by the borough council’s

Badgers delay opening of East Wichel play area

The opening of East Wichel’s much awaited children’s play area has been delayed yet again, this time by badgers. The badgers have been digging up grass laid on the play area. The play area will now remain closed for at least another two weeks, if not longer, whilst an attempt is made to deter the

A permanent children’s play area for East Wichel

Details of a permanent play area for East Wichel have been given in a planning application (S/RES/13/1884) submitted by Swindon Borough Council. The area will be beyond the eastern end of the school playing fields and community centre, near Fernacre Road. The play area will include: a spring mounted eagle’s nest; a double swing; a