Plans for 182 homes between Waitrose and East Wichel Way

Layout of the first part of the Wichel Fields development
The joint venture between Swindon Borough Council and Barrett Developments have submitted plans for the first part of their ‘Wichel Fields’ development. This is the area between Mill Lane and Foxham Way, filling in the field opposite the end of East Wichel Way. The development will have 182 houses and apartments, including eight houses for ‘affordable’ rent, and fourteen houses and nine flats for ‘affordable’ shared ownership.

Most of the houses will be finished externally in a style similar to the houses being built beside the canal, but those near the road between Foxham Way and Mill Lane — which at the moment doesn’t have a name other than the Croft Road Hay Lane Link — will be clad with red brick. There will be a path through the centre of the development linking the end of East Wichel Way with the bridge over the canal near Waitrose.

The plans, S/RE/21/0006, are open for comment until at least 7th February 2021. On the Wichelstowe development website the development team have provided videos describing the proposal as well as other forthcoming developments.

Artist impression of the view of Wichel Fields from Waitrose’ car park.

Artist impression of the view of Wichel Fields from the Croft Road Hay Lane Link road.

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