Wichelstowe supermarket planning application

Wichelstowe supermarket artist impression
A planning application, S/RES/13/0485 has now been submitted by Kilo Properties Limited for a supermarket beside the canal at the junction of Mill Lane and Foxham Way. There’s not much doubting whom the architects would like you to think the occupant will be, but apart from the artist impressions of the store, there’s little evidence of the future occupants. The application does include one document that is described as being by Waitrose, but that appears to have been prepared by the applicants’ agents. Waitrose’ website remains silent about a possible new store in Swindon.

The application is open for comment — either in support or to object. One Wroughton resident has already objected to the application, on the grounds that they feel Wharf Road will not be able to cope with the traffic. Swindon Borough Council expect to make a decision on the application by July this year.

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