The shop that never was

34 Trevello Road
Once proposed as a convenience store, the ground floor will now be a two-bedroom flat.
A building where there were once hopes for a shop it now set to become flats.

A planning application for a shop at 34 Trevello Road was first submitted in 2011. The same person submitted a revised application in 2015.

Now Taylor Wimpey have submitted an application (S/PRIORC/17/1943) to convert the ground floor of 34 Trevello Road into a flat. The application — which has been incorrectly labelled on Swindon Borough Council’s planning portal as in Wroughton parish and ward — will see the ground floor become a two-bedroom flat.

Taylor Wimpey claim there has been a lack of interest in the building because “the retail unit is isolated from the main shopping area” Rather surprisingly, the application from Taylor Wimpey claims the building did not exist in 2013, even though they finished building it in 2010! Taylor Wimpey also claim in the application that “there is a key shopping area in Wichelstowe already” despite that being one thing East Wichel remains without, thanks to Taylor Wimpey’s painfully slow progress at finishing work here.

As the application is for prior approval of permitted development, there are very few things the council is allowed to consider when deciding whether to approve or refuse the application.

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