Planning Application – Parcel WV09

Taylor Wimpey have submitted a new planning application, along with a change to the East Wichel Design Code, for parcel WV09. This is the area of land between Trevello Road, Staldon Road and Stonehenge Road, to the west of the school.

The plan is a significant change from Taylor Wimpey’s previously approved application for this site. That was for 36 dwellings, in a mixture for flats and houses. Their new application is for just 24 dwellings, with most of the flats removed. As with other recent applications from Taylor Wimpey, the barn-style buildings have been removed from the plan. Another change is that the buildings will be lower than in the previous plan. That had 3-storey buildings along Trevello Road and on the east side of the parcel. The new plan keeps 3-storey buildings only on the corners for the parcel.

Those wishing to comment on the application should do so by Tuesday 20th August. Comments on the planning application and comments on the design code change can both be submitted online.

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