Local shops – new planning application

Taylor Wimpey have submitted a new planning application, S/RES/13/1087, for the area between the school and East Wichel Way, including up to five shops or offices. As with other recent applications from Taylor Wimpey, there is also a change to the East Wichel Design Code linked to the application, though details of that were not available at the time of writing.

East Wichel shop plans

Compared to the application submitted for this area in 2011, there is one less shop/office building and the shops are now all facing East Wichel Way, rather than some forming a square of shops on Trevello Road. The design also nolonger includes a tower. The reason Taylor Wimpey give for these changes is that “the design of the Local Centre (as currently approved) is unviable due to the complex nature of its external design and, also, the way in which the retail space is sub-divided.” Taylor Wimpey claim that a convenience store operator has been identified for the main shop, and others have expressed interest in the remaining four units.

Other changes to the plan include a reduction in height and density of buildings in the block closest to the school and the removal of barn-style buildings from the plan. This is similar to other recent applications from Taylor Wimpey.

The council aim to have made a decision on the application by the end of October (2013). Any comments on the application should be submitted by early September.

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