Convenience store planning and licence applications

34 Trevello Road
Proposed location of a small convenience store.
Planning and alcohol licence applications have been submitted to Swindon Borough Council for the empty shop at 34 Trevello Road. The planning application (S/15/0338) is from the same person that submitted an application over three years ago for the same building. That application was withdrawn following concerns raised by the council about noise and the size of the shop name board. The new application has a smaller name board and less space internally for staff facilities.
The application for a licence to sell alcohol is currently out for consultation and comments must be submitted by 8 April. A decision on the planning application should also be made in April, though planning decisions are often delayed.
Given how long East Wichel has waited for a local shop, and that it’s been over three years since the applicant last made an effort to open this shop, we’re not holding our breath on anything coming of this one.

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