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Seethelight charges set to increase from 1st February

Seethelight have announced price increases for broadband and telephone, starting 1 February 2015. The larger broadband bundles are unchanged, but those on the smallest broadband package (50 Mbps) will have their charges increased by over 2% to £10.75 per month. Telephone line rental is to increase by over 6%, to £15.95 per month. Prices for

Seethelight intermittent connection problems

Broadband services in East Wichel have been suffering in the evening for the last few weeks, as Seethelight have been having capacity problems. The company have reported “reduced download speeds during peak operating times” but some residents have experienced frequent and intermittent complete loss of connection. The company says the problem, which is affecting several

An extra telephone and broadband supplier for East Wichel

From next Monday, 15 September, a new telephone and broadband supplier will be available in East Wichel. Utilities UK Ltd, trading as Direct Save Telecom, will be available in the area as an alternative to internet service provider Seethelight, which until now has had a monopoly as ISP in Wichelstowe.

Seethelight suffer major network failure

Early in the afternoon of Wednesday 3rd September, Seethelight had a failure in their network in London. This resulted in a total loss of service to many of the housing developments on which they are the monopoly broadband internet service provider, including East Wichel. At the time of writing this report, eight hours after the

Broadband internet and satellite TV in East Wichel

Over recent months we have received several queries about satellite TV in East Wichel, usually specifically about arrangements for receiving Sky TV in Wichelstowe. What follows is our understanding, based on the East Wichel design codes, house purchase contracts we have seen, and statements made by Swindon Borough Council at East Wichel Community Partnership meetings.

Communications problems

There appear to be some problems with the telephone service from Seethelight, with some houses disconnected since yesterday. This has been reported.Update: Seethelight have confirmed “We are currently aware that there is a service issue with telephone lines in your area. This is being resolved as we speak as a matter of urgency.”