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Mill Lane’s temporary chicane

Mill Lane reopened today, Monday 29th November, three weeks later than originally planned. The works were extended after drains and unmapped services were found, which needed attention from utility companies. The original plan for the works saw the road reopening with temporary traffic lights, and that has now happened. But there’s a chicane to negotiate

Council extends closure of path to Wroughton

The temporary closure of the bridleway between East Wichel and Wroughton was announced by councillors and the local MP in mid July. It was stated the the closure would last for just five weeks from 26th July, and between 8 am and 5 pm only. Last week Swindon Borough Council posted a public notice (reference STR000232) that

East Wichel play park set for a makeover

East Wichel’s six-years old play area is to be improved by South Swindon Parish Council. Since the parish council took over the play areas in its area from Swindon Borough Council, it has had a rolling programme to upgrade them. Although at the time it was described as being high quality by the borough council’s

Taylor Wimpey to prepare roads for adoption, again

In a letter sent to local councillors but not yet to East Wichel residents, Brian Peers, the Adoptions Manager at Taylor Wimpey, says that they will be starting work, again, preparing the roads in East Wichel for adoption. Taylor Wimpey have started work on East Wichel’s roads many times before and never seem to get

New bus stop kerbs for old

Whilst Swindon Borough Council have been proclaiming the submission of a planning application for new houses in Middle Wichel — we’ll come back to that when full details of the application are available and there’s more to comment on than pretty artist’s impressions — it’s a rather minor recent planning application that has caught our

End in sight for Barratt’s road surfacing

It’s over six months since Barratt Homes announced that road surfacing would take up to two months and be complete by mid-March. Now, after several delays including a change of contractor and a dispute with Swindon Borough Council, the end is finally in sight for their work. A letter to residents of Holne Road, Rylane,

More roads to be made up

Bloor Homes are surfacing Stonehenge Road between the junctions with Trevello Road / Aviemore Road and Staldon Road / Ravensdale. Their works will take four weeks and are already into their second week. Persimmon are surfacing Trecastle Road and Dunsley Vale, and expect their works to take just three days this week. Let’s hope they’ve

Barratt set dates for road surfacing

Barratt Homes have set dates for surfacing the four roads in the part of East Wichel they developed. Rylane and Holne Road will be surfaced on 12 February, whilst Timoney Place and part of Brentfore Street will be surfaced on 18 March. Repairs to the roads, paths and kerbs will start up to a month

Taylor Wimpey now marketing flats above shop parade

East Wichel residents have long awaited a local shop. Talk of opening a convenience store at 34 Trevello Road has so far come to nothing. So it is a promising sign that Taylor Wimpey are now marketing the flats that will be built above the main retail parade on East Wichel Way. If they’re selling

Barratt Developments get 20 years to finish building Wichelstowe

Swindon Borough Council have announced a deal with Barratt Developments to build the rest of Wichelstowe. The deal, which has still to be approved by the council’s cabinet and for which the contracts have yet to be signed, will be a 50-50 joint venture between Barratt and the council. In some ways the deal is

East Wichel shop foundations started

Pile driving by Taylor Wimpey has been disturbing neighbours a little more than usual recently. Many East Wichel residents are accustomed to the rhythmic thump of the pile driver as almost all the buildings in the village have pile-driven foundations. But the recent work by Taylor Wimpey has been shaking the ground a little more

Taylor Wimpey to close Staldon Road for three months

With almost no public announcement, Taylor Wimpey will be closing Staldon Road, near East Wichel School, from Wednesday 15 October. The road will be closed for up to three months, for what they claim are health and safety reasons, whilst houses are built on nearby plots. Access to both the school and the community centre

Badgers delay opening of East Wichel play area

The opening of East Wichel’s much awaited children’s play area has been delayed yet again, this time by badgers. The badgers have been digging up grass laid on the play area. The play area will now remain closed for at least another two weeks, if not longer, whilst an attempt is made to deter the

Shop developments and continuing road closures

During last week the area facing East Wichel Way where Taylor Wimpey have planning permission to build a parade of shops has been cleared and levelled. It looks a promising sign, but as these shops have been so long coming — planning permission was originally granted on 6 May 2011 — we’ll wait until building

A permanent children’s play area for East Wichel

Details of a permanent play area for East Wichel have been given in a planning application (S/RES/13/1884) submitted by Swindon Borough Council. The area will be beyond the eastern end of the school playing fields and community centre, near Fernacre Road. The play area will include: a spring mounted eagle’s nest; a double swing; a

Shops – not expected soon

It’s an often repeated question, both in the comments on this site, and at each meeting of the East Wichel Community Association: “Any news on the shops yet?”. The last news of that was at the Community Association meeting on 11 October. Taylor Wimpey’s update was “No further update on the shop but Taylor Wimpey

A place to admire the view

Some well-secured benches have now been placed by the ponds and canal, for those wishing to sit and admire the view… or listen to the sound of traffic on the motorway.  

Community Centre funding approved

At its meeting on 21 March, Swindon Borough Council’s Cabinet approved funds to build a community centre for East Wichel. This is part of the council’s capital programme for the 2012/2013 financial year. A total of £600,000 has been set aside to build the centre. The cost has risen from an original estimate of £300,000