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Houses proposed for field by Drove Vets

A planning application has been submitted to build 34 houses in the field opposite Drove Vets. The vets previously applied to build 16 offices in the field. That planning permission, from 2017, has now lapsed. Drove Vets sold the field in 2019 and the new owners now want to build houses there instead. The homes

Taylor Wimpey seek to sell Westlecott Farm Cottages

Taylor Wimpey have submitted a planning application to release themselves from an obligation to give Westlecott Farm Cottages to Swindon Borough Council. They instead want to sell them. The original planning permission for Wichelstowe included an obligation for Taylor Wimpey to give the farm cottages, vacant, to Swindon Borough Council. These are the cottages part

Date set for Mill Lane closure

A sign has appeared at the Old Town end of Mill Lane stating that the lane will close permanently from 26th April. The road will initially close to all traffic where it passes under the old railway line path, whilst a turning area for vehicles is constructed. It will then reopen for pedestrians and cyclists only,

The shop that never was

A building where there were once hopes for a shop it now set to become flats. A planning application for a shop at 34 Trevello Road was first submitted in 2011. The same person submitted a revised application in 2015. Now Taylor Wimpey have submitted an application (S/PRIORC/17/1943) to convert the ground floor of 34

Ambrose Field planning application to be decided at planning committee

The planning application from Taylor Wimpey to build 160 homes on land between East Wichel and Croft Road will be decided at tomorrow’s (Tuesday’s) meeting of Swindon Borough Council planning committee. The council received 71 comments supporting the application and and 139 comments objecting to the application. Despite opposition from all the ward councillors, the

First planning application for Middle Wichel homes submitted

Architects have submitted a planning application for the first houses to be built at ‘Canalside’ in Middle Wichel. The development of 85 homes — which has been labelled ‘Herons Water’ or less imaginatively ‘Wichelstowe Parcels 2 & 3’ — was submitted by Metropolitan Workshop architects just over a week ago on behalf of Forward Swindon,

New bus stop kerbs for old

Whilst Swindon Borough Council have been proclaiming the submission of a planning application for new houses in Middle Wichel — we’ll come back to that when full details of the application are available and there’s more to comment on than pretty artist’s impressions — it’s a rather minor recent planning application that has caught our

Drove Vets set to build 16 offices

In a plan submitted to Swindon Borough Council, Drove Veterinary Hospital are proposing to build sixteen offices in the field opposite their practice. The proposal — branded “Croft Road Business Village” by the developers — will also include a short length of canal, though there is no suggestion in the proposals that the developers intend

Council seeks approval for Wichelstowe District Centre design code

The Design Code for the Wichelstowe District Centre is now open for formal consultation. It has been submitted by the Wichelstowe team at Swindon Borough Council for approval by the council’s planning committee. Despite the intention to be less prescriptive about building appearance than in East Wichel, the District Centre design code runs to 132 pages

Wichelstowe district centre design code

Last Wednesday Swindon Borough Council’s Wichelstowe team displayed their proposed design code for Wichelstowe’s district centre. The code covers much of Middle Wichel and specifies how roads, buildings and public areas should look, as well as what the buildings may be used for. The code includes schools on Peglars Way, a pub/bar/restaurant with hotel across

Road surfacing curbed by kerb height argument

Barratt Homes have written to residents in East Wichel, explaining the latest delay to surfacing work on Holne Road and Brentfore Street. The final surfacing and completion of our current works on site has been delayed due to a detailing issue raised by Swindon Borough Council which is applicable to all developers on the Wichelstowe

East Wichel Restricted Parking Zone confirmed

This evening Councillor Nadine Watts has confirmed that the decision to implement a controversial restricted parking zone in East Wichel has now been made. After a consultation that ran for sixteen months, the Swindon Borough Council cabinet member responsible for car parking, Councillor Garry Perkins, has signed the decision that will allow parking restrictions to

Barratt Developments get 20 years to finish building Wichelstowe

Swindon Borough Council have announced a deal with Barratt Developments to build the rest of Wichelstowe. The deal, which has still to be approved by the council’s cabinet and for which the contracts have yet to be signed, will be a 50-50 joint venture between Barratt and the council. In some ways the deal is

East Wichel parking restriction proposals announced

Details of parking restrictions proposed for East Wichel were given at the Community Association meeting on Wednesday. Swindon Borough Council have published detailed plans showing the location of each parking bay and every parking restriction sign. Following a change in policy from central government, the council no longer needs to get government approval from the

Consultation on parking restrictions in East Wichel

Swindon Borough Council will use the next East Wichel Community Association meeting to consult on parking restrictions proposed for the area. The restrictions set out in the planning permission conditions for East Wichel would ban almost all on-street parking but cannot be introduced without evidence of community support. The meeting, which is open to all

Parking restrictions and road adoption

Here is a summary of what we know about plans for road adoption and restricting on-street parking in East Wichel. Road adoptionRoads will only be adopted by Swindon Borough Council once construction work has finished – otherwise council tax payers would end up picking up the bill for roads damaged by construction traffic. Large housing

Changes to proposed shop opening hours

Taylor Wimpey have applied to extend the hours the long awaited shops in East Wichel can be open. The restrictions covering the whole of Wichelstowe restrict businesses within mainly residential areas to open only between 8.30 am and 10.30 pm. For the shops to be built along East Wichel Way, Taylor Wimpey want to extend opening hours

Broadband internet and satellite TV in East Wichel

Over recent months we have received several queries about satellite TV in East Wichel, usually specifically about arrangements for receiving Sky TV in Wichelstowe. What follows is our understanding, based on the East Wichel design codes, house purchase contracts we have seen, and statements made by Swindon Borough Council at East Wichel Community Partnership meetings.

Street parking and road adoption

Not news as such, but an answer, of sorts, to a question asked a few times by readers. Do you have any idea when the roads are going to be adopted by the council? The street parking is a nightmare and I have very nearly had my children knocked over where they are having to

Wichelstowe Design Code exhibitions

Swindon Borough Council is running exhibitions next week to allow residents to express their views on the design codes for the remainder of Wichelstowe. For East Wichel, the design codes are what has given the development a distinctive look. For example, they require that no more than two houses in a row look the same,