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Borough Council elections in May

The candidates for this year’s elections to Swindon Borough Council have now been announced. These elections were postponed from last year owing to the pandemic and will be on Thursday 6th May. For East Wichel, which is in the Old Town ward of Swindon Borough Council, there are six candidates standing for one seat. Tim Almond

Almost £23 M approved for Wichelstowe M4-link tunnel

The government has announced that funding for the link road between Wichelstowe and Junction 16 of the M4 motorway has now been given final approval. Provisional approval had been given in May 2018, with the funding originally announced in July 2014. The link includes a short tunnel under the M4, with the road joining Hay

Local council elections 2019

Polls are open tomorrow in East Wichel, Thursday 2nd May, for elections to two councils — Swindon Borough Council and Central Swindon South Parish Council, also known as South Swindon Parish Council. For Swindon Borough Council, there are five candidates standing for one councillor vacancy. Nick Burns-Howell (Conservative Party) Jason Costello (UK Independence Party) Neil

Nadine Watts retains seat as Borough Councillor for East Wichel

Having been widely acclaimed within East Wichel as an exceptionally hard working councillor, the Labour Party’s Nadine Watts has retained her seat as councillor for Old Town ward of Swindon Borough Council for a second time. Nadine received just over 50% of the votes cast — up from almost 46% the last time she was

Borough election candidates announced

The candidates for election as borough councillor serving East Wichel and Old Town have been announced by Swindon Borough Council. They are: Nadine Watts (Labour) Peter Oliver (Lib Dem) Bill Hughes (Green) William Costello (UKIP) Nick Burns-Howell (Conservative) Nadine Watts — familiar to many East Wichel residents as a highly proactive borough and South Swindon

Wroughton Parish Council abandon Wichelstowe to the long grass

Wroughton Parish Council have denied being responsible for cutting the grass around East Wichel’s lakes after mounting pressure from East Wichel residents and one of East Wichel’s borough councillors, Nadine Watts. Two weeks ago we were told by the clerk to Wroughton Parish Council that “The area around the lakes and canals is currently under

Parish council election results

Three labour and one conservative councillor have been elected to represent Old Town and East Wichel on the new Central Swindon South Parish Council. Not surprisingly Nadine Watts — who as a borough councillor has been extremely hard working for local residents — topped the poll. Nadine Watts (Labour) — 1557 votes Jane Milner-Barry (Labour)

Candidates for parish council election on 4th May

There are eleven candidates standing for election in the Old Town ward — which includes East Wichel — of the new Central Swindon South Parish Council. The election is on Thursday 4th May with four councillors to be elected in the ward. The candidates are: Saleh Ahmed — Labour Nicholas Burns-Howell — Conservative Terry Davis

Dates set for shadow parish council meetings

Borough councillors appointed to the shadow parish council for the unwanted Central Swindon South parish have set dates for meetings up to May. These are meetings that will decide what parish council tax will be charged next year, on top of the Borough Council Tax. For many of the services that the Swindon Borough Council

Swindon Borough and Police Commissioner elections 2016

Elections to Swindon Borough Council are on Thursday 5 May. Candidates for Old Town Ward, which includes East Wichel, are: Terry Davis (UKIP); Bill Hughes (Green Party); Brian Mattock (Conservative); Jane Milner-Barry (Labour); Garry Porter (Liberal Democrat). So far only the Conservatives and Labour seem to have made any attempt at canvassing in East Wichel

Government announce £23M for Wichelstowe roads

As part of a £130 million ‘growth deal’ for Swindon and Wiltshire Local Enterprise Partnership, the government have announced £23 million of funding for Wichelstowe road links, including a tunnel linking Wichelstowe with Junction 16 of the M4 motorway. The funds are only indicative at the moment and is subject to additional funding from other sources being

Nadine Watts retains Old Town ward

Having been widely acclaimed within East Wichel as being an exceptionally hard working councillor, the Labour Party’s Nadine Watts has retained her seat as councillor for Old Town, beating Claire Ellis, who had been a Conservative councillor for Haydon Wick, into second place. The final result was Nadine Watts (Labour): 1352 votes Claire Ellis (Conservative):

Candidates confirmed for borough council elections

The candidates for election to Swindon Borough Council on Thursday 22 May have been confirmed. East Wichel is part of the Old Town ward of Swindon Borough Council, in which four candidates are standing for election. In alphabetical order they are: Claire Ellis (Conservative Party) Deborah King (Liberal Democrats) John Short (UK Independence Party) Nadine

Community Centre funding approved

At its meeting on 21 March, Swindon Borough Council’s Cabinet approved funds to build a community centre for East Wichel. This is part of the council’s capital programme for the 2012/2013 financial year. A total of £600,000 has been set aside to build the centre. The cost has risen from an original estimate of £300,000