Drove Vets set to build 16 offices

plan of the proposed offices on Croft Road
The plan includes 16 offices, a canal & a ‘village green’
In a plan submitted to Swindon Borough Council, Drove Veterinary Hospital are proposing to build sixteen offices in the field opposite their practice. The proposal — branded “Croft Road Business Village” by the developers — will also include a short length of canal, though there is no suggestion in the proposals that the developers intend to connect this to the canal in East Wichel.

Just like the recent application from Taylor Wimpey to build on Ambrose Field, this office development is outside the area designated for development in the Swindon Borough Council local plan. The office buildings will have brick walls at ground floor level, with upper floors covered in zinc cladding, in a style common to many factory estates. All the buildings will be fitted with solar panels. Although planning policy requires the developers to devise ways of limiting the number of people using cars to travel to the site, they still expect over 90% of workers to travel by car, with 80 parking spaces provided.

The planning application, S/17/0938, is open for comments and objections until 18th July. The council expect to make a decision on the application before the end of September.

Artist impression of canal and office development
The office estate will include a short length of canal

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