Borough election candidates announced

photo of polling station
East Wichel’s polling station is at the community centre
The candidates for election as borough councillor serving East Wichel and Old Town have been announced by Swindon Borough Council. They are:

  • Nadine Watts (Labour)
  • Peter Oliver (Lib Dem)
  • Bill Hughes (Green)
  • William Costello (UKIP)
  • Nick Burns-Howell (Conservative)

Nadine Watts — familiar to many East Wichel residents as a highly proactive borough and South Swindon parish councillor — will be seeking her third term as borough councillor, having first been elected in 2012. Nick Burns-Howell — who has been a South Swindon parish councillor for almost a year now — has also become more active in the last few months in the run-up to this election. None of the other candidates have, as far as we are aware, been active in East Wichel.

Election advice for Swindon
ID is required to vote in elections this year.
The election is on 3rd May and the polling station will be at the community centre. Poll cards will be distributed during April and this year voters will need to take their Poll card to the polling station as proof of identity.

If you lose your Poll card you’ll need to take another form of ID, such as your passport or driving licence. You will not be able to vote if you don’t have your poll card or one of the other types of ID listed by the council.

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