Nadine Watts retains Old Town ward

Having been widely acclaimed within East Wichel as being an exceptionally hard working councillor, the Labour Party’s Nadine Watts has retained her seat as councillor for Old Town, beating Claire Ellis, who had been a Conservative councillor for Haydon Wick, into second place. The final result was

  • Nadine Watts (Labour): 1352 votes
  • Claire Ellis (Conservative): 1067 votes
  • John Short (UKIP): 365 votes
  • Deborah King (Liberal Democrats): 171 votes

Turnout was 38%, similar to other wards declared so far.

As this election is the first after all-out elections two years ago, following boundary changes, it might be expected there would be changes where the candidate up for re-election this year is the odd-one out in their ward, as Nadine Watts was for Old Town, the other two councillors both being Conservatives. Old Town has for a long time been held by the Conservatives. The removal of the Lawns area from the ward two years ago and the growth of East Wichel, may have changed that. But the hard work put in by Councillor Watts has undoubtedly been a major factor in her success.

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