Parish council election results

East Wichel’s polling station at the community centre
Three labour and one conservative councillor have been elected to represent Old Town and East Wichel on the new Central Swindon South Parish Council. Not surprisingly Nadine Watts — who as a borough councillor has been extremely hard working for local residents — topped the poll.

  • Nadine Watts (Labour) — 1557 votes
  • Jane Milner-Barry (Labour) — 1443 votes
  • Neil Hopkins (Labour) — 1054 votes
  • Nick Burns-Howell (Conservative) — 991 votes

The results for other candidates in the ward were:

  • Nick Smith (Conservative) — 984 votes
  • Saleh Ahmed (Labour) — 982 votes
  • Terry Davis (Conservative) — 934 votes
  • William Horley (Conservative) — 829 votes
  • Colin Doubleday (independent) — 581 votes
  • Bill Hughes (Green) — 552 votes
  • Geoff King (Liberal Democrat) — 364 votes

Overall, the Labour party has control of the parish, with Conservative and Liberal Democrat councillors between them holding the remaining minority of seats.

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