End in sight for Barratt’s road surfacing

Raised ironworks surrounded by barriers in Holne Road
It’s taken over six months, a change of contractor and a dispute with Swindon Borough Council for Barratt Homes to complete the surfacing of their roads in East Wichel.
It’s over six months since Barratt Homes announced that road surfacing would take up to two months and be complete by mid-March. Now, after several delays including a change of contractor and a dispute with Swindon Borough Council, the end is finally in sight for their work.

A letter to residents of Holne Road, Rylane, Timoney Place and part of Brentfore Street explains that all the roads will be given a levelling surface — or ‘regulated’ in the road layers’ jargon — on Friday 29 July. The final surface will be laid in Holne Road and Rylane on Monday 1 August and in Timoney Place and Brentfore Street on Tuesday 2 August.

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East Wichel Homeowner
East Wichel Homeowner
Wednesday, 21 September 2016 17:51

Does anyone out there have any idea when the road surfacing around the far end of the estate at near Trecastle Road/Dunsley Vale and so on is likely to be finished? Plenty of cones out but the contractors appear to have just left everything half finished popping back from time to time to do the odd drain here and there….

Local Resident
Local Resident
Tuesday, 21 March 2017 15:16

Road surface still not complete on Yardlee Walk. Some new kerb stones have been replaced here and there, but the road surface as still not been laid despite a leaflet through the door stated that this would take place back in August 2016! By the time the surfacing actually takes place, the kerb stones will need replacing again from all the inconsiderate people driving their cars up the dropped kerbs, chipping/cracking the kerb stones in the process and parking on the pathways. Anyone know when the final resurfacing will take place, this corner is now fully built up so there… Read more »

East Wichel News
East Wichel News
Reply to  Local Resident
Tuesday, 21 March 2017 22:12

We suspect no more roads will be surfaced until Taylor Wimpey have finished all building work in East Wichel. According to Councillor Nadine Watts roads in East Wichel are being surveyed now to identify the utilities (particularly high voltage cables and sewers), before road surfacing can start. But no dates for surfacing have been given yet.

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