Shops – not expected soon

It’s an often repeated question, both in the comments on this site, and at each meeting of the East Wichel Community Association: “Any news on the shops yet?”. The last news of that was at the Community Association meeting on 11 October. Taylor Wimpey’s update was

“No further update on the shop but Taylor Wimpey does continue to chase on behalf of the residents.”

However, they also gave reasons for why the barriers around the shop site have been removed and replaced with a mound of earth.

“In order to improve the area, topsoil bunding has been seeded around the area immediately outside the school, and weeding completed around the police and StoweAway portacabins, as it could be another two years until work is fully completed on this parcel.”

So it could be two years until the housing parcel including the shops is completed.

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