Planning application submitted for plots WV01 and WV05

Taylor Wimpey has submitted a planning application (S/RES/11/1526) for housing parcels WV01 & WV05. These are at the north west corner of East Wichel, beyond WV02 & WV06 for which they submitted an application last month. The application is complete on the council website, with is still more than can be set for the application for WV02 & WV06. This is Taylor Wimpey’s second attempt at getting planning permission for WV01: their first attempt was rejected in February 2008. The new application has a more rural look to it, with more trees and the road round the outer perimeter of WV01 being described as a ‘green street’ — though as it will be made of resin bound macadam, brown street might be a more appropriate description. Any comments should be submitted to the council by 24 November. Comments can be submitted online from the planning application page.

With this application now submitted, the only housing parcel in East Wichel for which planning permission is yet to be sought is Taylor Wimpey’s parcel WV29, currently in use for their site office and contractors’ car park.

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