Seethelight charges set to increase from 1st February

Seethelight logoSeethelight have announced price increases for broadband and telephone, starting 1 February 2015. The larger broadband bundles are unchanged, but those on the smallest broadband package (50 Mbps) will have their charges increased by over 2% to £10.75 per month.

Telephone line rental is to increase by over 6%, to £15.95 per month. Prices for bundles of inclusive calls are unchanged, but other calls to national and non-geographic numbers are increased by ½ p per minute, to 6 p peak, 2½ p off-peak, whilst off-peak calls to mobile numbers are increased by 1 p, to 10 p per minute. The connection charge for each call also increases by 1 p to 14 p. This means that even the briefest call that is not included in a bundle will cost at least 16½ p.

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