East Wichel Restricted Parking Zone latest map

Close-up of parking zone map
Streets marked in blue have restricted parking. Parking bays for public use are marked in red in both the restricted roads and the unrestricted mews areas.
We have obtained, through a Freedom of Information request to Swindon Borough Council, an up-to-date map of the East Wichel restricted parking zone [pdf] now being implemented. Previously, only draft versions of the map were available. The map shows the mews areas excluded from the restricted parking zone. But parking bays in the mews that are not allocated to houses are also shown.

The date on the map is the same as the date on the letter detailing the introduction of the East Wichel parking zone, recently sent to all East Wichel residents. It seems odd that Swindon Borough Council chose not to include this map with that letter.