East Wichel parking restrictions to be phased in from start of October

Parking zone sign
The East Wichel Restricted Parking Zone will be phased in over six weeks from the start of October.
Parking restrictions in East Wichel will be phased in from the beginning of October, according to councillor Nadine Watts. The restrictions will see on-street parking limited to marked parking bays. Swindon Borough Council will be mailing residents, detailing the restrictions, and erecting the remaining warning signs. This will be followed by enforcement on main roads and finally enforcement throughout East Wichel. The phased introduction is expected to take about six weeks, with the restrictions fully enforced from mid-November.

The council has not yet published a final version of the parking restrictions. The latest available maps are a map produced early in the consultation, dated October 2014, and a rather unclear copy of the map submitted to a council cabinet member for approval, dated January 2015. Neither is the final version. For example the positioning of road signs has been changed and a few extra parking spaces were found late in the consultation process.

Parking bay marked on a road
Parking will only be allowed in marked parking bays.
Although included in the original proposals, the mews areas (the brick paved areas where, in the earlier-built parts of East Wichel, most garages are located) will not be part of the Restricted Parking Zone, so parking will still be allowed in public parts of the mews areas. (Some parts of the mews, with boundaries marked by thin concrete strips in the road surface, belong to adjacent houses and are for parking allocated to those houses.) On the roads that are part of the Restricted Parking Zone — all the tarmacked roads in East Wichel, including those that have not yet had their final road surface applied — the restrictions will be enforced by the council’s civil enforcement officers. There will not be any yellow lines: on-street parking will only be permitted in the parking bays marked by dashed white lines.

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