Street parking and road adoption

Not news as such, but an answer, of sorts, to a question asked a few times by readers.

Do you have any idea when the roads are going to be adopted by the council? The street parking is a nightmare and I have very nearly had my children knocked over where they are having to cross the road behind parked cars.

On new housing developments like this, the local authority usually only adopts the roads once the building is done. They won’t adopt roads whilst they are still likely to be damaged by construction traffic. Equally, one of the requirements for the council adopting the roads is that the developer has made them up to a satisfactory standard, and the Taylor Wimpey aren’t likely to do that whilst they might be damaged by their own construction traffic. Very few roads have been made up to that standard so far: Aviemore Road and part of Barbrook Road, for example.

Once adopted, the council intends to enforce parking restrictions that were part of the planning conditions and included in the design code.

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