Parking restrictions to be enforced – again

Map showing proposed parking restrictions
Map showing proposed parking restrictions. Click on map for a larger image.
After a gap of almost three years, the East Wichel Restricted Parking Zone will once again be enforced by Swindon Borough Council. As confirmed by the council in March this year, the parking restrictions are extended to the mews areas. From Monday 30th September 2019, any vehicles not parked in a designated parking space, either in the mews or on East Wichel’s streets, may be subject to a parking fine. According to the council “Enforcement Officers will respond to reports of parked vehicles that are causing a safety or access concern.”

Some of the mews areas include private parking spaces that belong to neighbouring houses – these are the areas not enclosed by the blue areas in the mews on the diagram. Although not part of the restricted parking zone, anyone parking in those spaces without permission may be subject to legal action by the owners.

The process of introducing the parking restrictions started over five years ago and has been a contentious issue which has divided the community, with threats of legal action against the council made both by some in favour of the restrictions and by some opposed to the restrictions. Anyone wishing to question the validity of the parking order has until six weeks after 25th September to apply to the High Court.

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