An evening without water in East Wichel

Old water main junction in the fields north of East Wichel

East Wichel and other areas of south Swindon and Wroughton spent the evening of Monday 1st November without water. The pressure began dropping in the afternoon, and by early evening many had no water at all.

The loss of water comes when Thames Water are still working to repair a burst main from the previous week which also led to a loss of water pressure across a wide area of south Swindon, though not in East Wichel. Repair work for that seemed to be focused on a water main that crosses the fields between East Wichel and Old Town.

At 8 pm Thames Water issued an update stating

Some customers might experience lower water pressure this evening, especially those in higher areas or tall buildings. But this won’t last long – everything should be back to normal later tonight.

Thames Water

though as East Wichel isn’t a higher area and residents were reporting no water on the ground floor of their homes, the message rang rather hollow with some residents.

Water supply was restored from about 9.30 pm.

Thames Water vans in Fernacre Road last week
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