Bus timetable changes as town centre road closes

There will be changes to bus services that serve Wichelstowe from Monday 14th August. These changes are because Corporation Street in Swindon town centre will be closed until the end of the year, meaning that all buses from Wichelstowe will have to be diverted from the Whalebridge crossing via Fleming Way, the Magic Roundabout, County Road, and Manchester Road.

While Swindon’s Bus Company are adjusting their timetables, allowing up to an extra five minutes for the diversion between Princes Street and the Manchester Road, Stagecoach are expecting their buses to travel the extra ¾ mile round the diversion route in exactly the same time that it took their buses to go the short distance along Corporation Street. This seems very optimistic, so passengers using Stagecoach service 9 shouldn’t be surprised if almost all the buses on this service are late!

The revised timetables can be seen on our bus times page.

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