Half Marathon road closures

Map showing road closures around Wichelstowe
Blackhorse Way will be closed eastbound all morning and early afternoon. Click image to see a larger map.
Swindon Half Marathon is running this weekend on Sunday 22nd September. As in recent years, the race will go along Blackhorse Way, which will be closed eastbound from 8 am to 2 pm. Blackhorse Way will remain open westbound, towards Waitrose and Wootton Bassett Road, but the crossings out of East Wichel will be closed, except for Eyam Road for which there will be ‘managed exit’ — in previous years that has meant almost continuous closure for as long as runners are passing.

In addition, Croft Road junction will be closed completely from 10.15 am to 12.30 pm and the junction between Wootton Bassett Road and Redposts Drive will be closed completely from 10 am to midday. Outside of those times and until 2’pm, the bus lane restriction at the Croft Road end of East Wichel Way will be lifted, allowing cars to get out onto Croft Road towards Old Town, but there are further road closures in Old Town, so it won’t be possible to get far.

There will be no bus services from about 9 am to after 3 pm as Victoria Road into the town centre will also be closed.

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