Changed recycling collections from 27 November

Swindon Borough Council waste and recycling bins.
From 27th November 2023 Swindon Borough Council is changing its waste and recycling collections.

East Wichel and Wichelstowe will be amongst the first in the borough to experience Swindon Borough Council’s new recycling collections. These add food waste to what the council will collect for recycling, but drop textiles.

Starting on Monday 27th November, with the exception of flats that have a communal collection, the whole of Wichelstowe and East Wichel are scheduled to have waste and recycling collections on Mondays. On Monday 27th November, non-recyclable waste and food waste will be collected. On the following Monday, 4th December, recyclable waste and food waste will be collected. Food waste will be collected every Monday, whilst recyclable waste and non-recyclable waste will be collected on alternate Mondays.

Apart from the changes to the dates on which waste is collected, other changes to the collections are:

  • Food waste collected weekly, using the small black food waste bins
  • Metals and plastics should be put out in the weighted blue bags. Metals should no longer be put in orange/black recycling boxes, and plastics should no longer be put in clear plastic bags
  • Glass can no longer be mixed with paper and cardboard. Glass must be put in a separate recycling box to paper and cardboard.
  • Textiles can no longer be put out for recycling. Those with cars can book to take them to the council’s Household Waste Recycling Centre. The council doesn’t appear to offer an alternative for those without cars.
  • Footwear can no longer be recycled by the council and should be put in black wheelie bins as non-recyclable.

The council website currently shows a non-recyclable waste and food waste collection for Wichelstowe and East Wichel on Christmas Day, however we expect that to be changed.

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