Not quite time for a fry-up

Whilst it’s definitely good news that a fish and chip shop is expected to open in East Wichel, the time for a fry-up might be further away than the press release this week from the property owner suggests. That press release, replicated in most of the local press, tells us that a deal has been signed between the owners of East Wichel’s parade of shops and an un-named ’local trader’ for a ten-year lease on the unit next to the Co-op on East Wichel Way. There will be a few hurdles for that trader to leap over before they can open a take-away. These will include getting permission from Swindon Borough Council for the fitting of ventilation chimneys necessary for a take-away fitted with deep-fat fryers. And although the planning permission for the parade of shops is quite broad, they may also need planning permission for extended opening hours.

In view of the long and tortured history of retail development in East Wichel, those waiting for a take-away fry-up may have to wait a little longer yet.

The parade of shops on East Wichel Way
‘Wichelstowe Fish Bar’ has taken a 10 year lease on the red-painted unit next to the Co-op

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