New road scheme options for Wichelstowe buses

Following their first consultation on bus priority scheme in Old Town for bus services to Wichelstowe, Swindon Borough Council is now consulting on new options for a bus priority scheme through Old Town. They’re also seeking opinions for changes at Mannington Roundabout to ease congestion there once bus services are running from Wichelstowe along Redposts Drive and Penzance Drive.

Map of Newport Street changes
Possible bus priority scheme in Swindon Old Town
The council is proposing three options for Old Town:

1 Northbound bus lane on High Street
This option would remove the roundabout at the junction of Newport Street, Marlborough Road and High Street and restrict northbound traffic on High Street to bus-only. Wood Lane would also be made bus-only.
2 Greater Network Efficiency
This option would make only minor changes to the road layout. The pedestrian crossings on Devizes Road and Victoria Road would be modified to give buses priority.
3 Northbound bus lane on Devizes Road
This option would restrict northbound traffic on Devizes Road to bus-only, with minor changes to the roundabouts at each end of Newport Street.

map of Mannington Roundabout
Possible carriageway widening near Mannington Roundabout
For Mannington Roundabout there are two options:

1 Carriageway Widening
This option would widen several carriageways approaching Mannington Roundabout and also approaching Mannington Retail Park. The eastbound bus lane in Wootton Bassett Road would be removed and the central reservation narrowed to allow three eastbound lanes.
2 Lane Realignment
This option would realign carriageways without road widening. The eastbound bus lane in Wootton Bassett Road would be shortened to start outside Carphone Warehouse.

The council will be showing their plans between 3 pm and 7 pm on Thursday 1st December at East Wichel Community Centre. Other sessions will be held later this week and next in other parts of Swindon. Details are on the Swindon Travel Choices website.

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