East Wichel parking restrictions – now with fewer spaces

Revised parking proposals map
Part of the revised maps produced by Swindon Borough Council showing proposed parking restrictions in East Wichel.
Swindon Borough Council has today published its formal consultation on parking restrictions proposed for East Wichel. Compared with the earlier draft shown to residents in July, the new proposals have fewer parking spaces.

Overall, the plans are almost unchanged. Some parking bays appear to have been added on Nunwick Way, but more have been removed in Dunsley Vale, in one of the mews between Holne Road and the canal, in Fernacre Road, and in Timoney Place. The plans now also explicitly state “No Waiting Except in signed bays (excludes private MEW (sic) areas)”, but give no indication of how people will distinguish privately owned areas in the mews from public areas. In most cases, the only thing marking the edge of private areas in the mews are thin lines of concrete in the road surface.

Once the parking restrictions are introduced, anyone parking in public areas outside of one of the designated parking bays will be at risk of getting a fixed penalty notice from the council. The council says the restrictions are necessary to maintain safe and efficient access.

“Residential roads have been designed with reduced widths to prevent on-street parking. The roads need to be kept clear of cars to maintain easy access for residents, refuse vehicles and most importantly emergency vehicles.”

The council’s consultation on their parking restriction proposals, and also plans for bus gates on East Wichel Way, are open for comment until 23 October. Comments can be submitted online through the council’s website.

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