Supermarket speculation

Site of the Wichelstowe shopping centre

There has been a fair bit of speculation of late as to which supermarket chain might take the store in the Wichelstowe district centre — that’s the one to eventually be built at the junction of Foxham Way and Mill Lane. Yet online, all trails for this lead back to the Swindon Advertiser, two articles in January, and one article in March this year. That last article starts with the claim

“The main board of Waitrose has approved plans to deliver the Wichelstowe District Centre, which would kickstart the next phase of home-building.”

yet the stongest direct quote it has states only that

“It’s no secret that we’re keen to open a shop in Swindon and we’re looking at a number of opportunities including the one at Middle Wichel to achieve this.”

There is mention of an exchange of contracts in “coming weeks”, but that is an unquoted statement from an unnamed council spokesman.

It’s fairly well known that housebuilders like rumours or more of a nearby Waitrose supermarket — it helps keep house prices up. Given that, we could add to the speculation by speculating as to where the rumours originate from. We have no information as to the truth or otherwise of the rumours but anyone thinking of moving to East Wichel would be wise not to let the speculation influence their decisions, until Waitrose publicly confirm their intentions.

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