Wichelstowe Design Code exhibitions

Swindon Borough Council is running exhibitions next week to allow residents to express their views on the design codes for the remainder of Wichelstowe. For East Wichel, the design codes are what has given the development a distinctive look. For example, they require that no more than two houses in a row look the same, that all front gardens should have low walls with railings, that garages must be at the rear of houses rather than at the front, that each development parcel should have a barn-like building and some cottage-style buildings. (The cottage-style houses are the ones with much lower roofs.) They also stipulate more significant things, such as how high the buildings can be, what the shopping area should be like, and what the open spaces should be like.

Times and locations of the exhibitions are:

  • 12 March, 2.30 pm to 7 pm — Wroughton Library
  • 14 March, 3.45 pm to 7.30 pm — East Wichel Primary School
  • 15 March, 12 noon to 7 pm — Old Town Arts Centre

This is your opportunity to have a say on how the rest of Wichelstowe will look.

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