Bus service changes from 2 September

Thamesdown Transport have announced changes to the bus service to East Wichel. This is part of a significant rearrangement of bus services in North Swindon, but benefits East Wichel with an increase in frequency on weekdays.

From 2 September, buses will run to and from East Wichel every 20 minutes during the daytime on Mondays to Fridays and every 30 minutes in the evening until 8.50 pm. On Saturdays, buses will run every 30 minutes throughout the day. The service will be numbered 15 and will follow the same route between East Wichel and Fleming Way as service 11 does now, via Croft and Old Town. From there to Haydon Wick it will follow the route of the current service 15A, via Swindon College, Northern Road, Taw Hill and Oakhurst. The new service 15 in Wichelstowe and South Swindon replaces service 11 which from 2 September will run between Swindon bus station and Haydon Wick only.

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