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East Wichel parking restriction proposals announced

Details of parking restrictions proposed for East Wichel were given at the Community Association meeting on Wednesday. Swindon Borough Council have published detailed plans showing the location of each parking bay and every parking restriction sign. Following a change in policy from central government, the council no longer needs to get government approval from the

Government announce £23M for Wichelstowe roads

As part of a £130 million ‘growth deal’ for Swindon and Wiltshire Local Enterprise Partnership, the government have announced £23 million of funding for Wichelstowe road links, including a tunnel linking Wichelstowe with Junction 16 of the M4 motorway. The funds are only indicative at the moment and is subject to additional funding from other sources being

Consultation on parking restrictions in East Wichel

Swindon Borough Council will use the next East Wichel Community Association meeting to consult on parking restrictions proposed for the area. The restrictions set out in the planning permission conditions for East Wichel would ban almost all on-street parking but cannot be introduced without evidence of community support. The meeting, which is open to all

Candidates confirmed for borough council elections

The candidates for election to Swindon Borough Council on Thursday 22 May have been confirmed. East Wichel is part of the Old Town ward of Swindon Borough Council, in which four candidates are standing for election. In alphabetical order they are: Claire Ellis (Conservative Party) Deborah King (Liberal Democrats) John Short (UK Independence Party) Nadine

Waitrose preview

On the evening before their new Swindon store opened, Waitrose held a preview reception for guests with a tour of the store. The store has employed 230 people, more than originally planned as the company is trying some new ideas for a supermarket, in an attempt to encourage shoppers away from online shopping. Here are

Improved bus service to East Wichel and Waitrose from 6 April

Thamesdown Transport have announced that, from 6 April, service 15 will be extended to the new Waitrose store on Foxham Way in Middle Wichel. The service will continue to run every 20 minutes Monday to Friday daytimes, and every ½ hour on Saturdays. In addition there will now be a ½ hourly service on Sundays

Parking restrictions and road adoption

Here is a summary of what we know about plans for road adoption and restricting on-street parking in East Wichel. Road adoptionRoads will only be adopted by Swindon Borough Council once construction work has finished – otherwise council tax payers would end up picking up the bill for roads damaged by construction traffic. Large housing

Churn junction progress

Work on the junction of Mill Lane and Foxham Way near the new Wichelstowe Waitrose appears to have made good progress in the last few weeks, on track for Foxham Way to reopen at midday on Monday 10 February. In addition to the work at the junction itself, a central reserve and has been added

Shop developments and continuing road closures

During last week the area facing East Wichel Way where Taylor Wimpey have planning permission to build a parade of shops has been cleared and levelled. It looks a promising sign, but as these shops have been so long coming — planning permission was originally granted on 6 May 2011 — we’ll wait until building

Foxham Way to close for almost two months

Foxham Way will be closed from Monday 2 December until 20 December, and again from 2 January until late January. The closure is to allow the junction with Mill Lane to be replaced with a roundabout. The works are in preparation for the opening of the supermarket being built there. There have been temporary traffic

Jessica’s Hair and Beauty opens

East Wichel now has its first retail business at its local centre. Jessica’s Hair & Beauty opened on Saturday in Trevello Road. We wish them well and hope they survive through to the rest of the centre being built.

Changes to proposed shop opening hours

Taylor Wimpey have applied to extend the hours the long awaited shops in East Wichel can be open. The restrictions covering the whole of Wichelstowe restrict businesses within mainly residential areas to open only between 8.30 am and 10.30 pm. For the shops to be built along East Wichel Way, Taylor Wimpey want to extend opening hours

Planning Application – Parcel WV09

Taylor Wimpey have submitted a new planning application, along with a change to the East Wichel Design Code, for parcel WV09. This is the area of land between Trevello Road, Staldon Road and Stonehenge Road, to the west of the school. The plan is a significant change from Taylor Wimpey’s previously approved application for this

Planning Application – Parcel WV28

Taylor Wimpey have submitted a new planning application for parcel WV28. This is the area of land between Fernacre Road and the Community Centre. The new application is for a lower number of houses than their previous application, approved in 2010. That was for 37 dwellings, this one is for 32. The reduction is a

Mill Lane closure – date confirmed

Swindon Borough Council have now confirmed that Mill Lane will close on Monday 22 July between its junctions with Foxham Way and Wharf Road. Some preparatory work will be done on the road the week before. The closure is starting a month later than previously advertised, but the lane is still expected to re-open in

Mill Lane to close

Swindon Borough Council has announced that Mill Lane is to be closed for eight months between its junctions with Foxham Way and Wharf Road. This is to allow preparatory drainage work for the Wichelstowe District Centre. The closure will be from mid-June to January. Long-term plans are that Mill Lane between Beavan’s Bridge and Mill

Wichelstowe supermarket planning application

A planning application, S/RES/13/0485 has now been submitted by Kilo Properties Limited for a supermarket beside the canal at the junction of Mill Lane and Foxham Way. There’s not much doubting whom the architects would like you to think the occupant will be, but apart from the artist impressions of the store, there’s little evidence

Supermarket speculation

There has been a fair bit of speculation of late as to which supermarket chain might take the store in the Wichelstowe district centre — that’s the one to eventually be built at the junction of Foxham Way and Mill Lane. Yet online, all trails for this lead back to the Swindon Advertiser, two articles

Broadband internet and satellite TV in East Wichel

Over recent months we have received several queries about satellite TV in East Wichel, usually specifically about arrangements for receiving Sky TV in Wichelstowe. What follows is our understanding, based on the East Wichel design codes, house purchase contracts we have seen, and statements made by Swindon Borough Council at East Wichel Community Partnership meetings.

Wichelstowe Design Code exhibitions

Swindon Borough Council is running exhibitions next week to allow residents to express their views on the design codes for the remainder of Wichelstowe. For East Wichel, the design codes are what has given the development a distinctive look. For example, they require that no more than two houses in a row look the same,