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Changed days for waste and recycling collections

From the end of October Swindon Borough Council is changing the days of waste and recycling collections. Starting from 31st October waste and recycling collections (wheelie bins and orange or black boxes) will be be split across two days. Properties to the north of East Wichel Way (the side closest to the school) will have collections

Stagecoach to divert Wroughton bus service through Wichelstowe

Bus company Stagecoach have announced that, from 6th November, they will be diverting their bus service 9 through Wichelstowe. The bus service presently runs direct between Old Town and Wroughton along Croft Road via North Wroughton. From early November it will instead run through East Wichel to Waitrose, then along Mill Lane and Wharf Road

East Wichel Restricted Parking Zone latest map

We have obtained, through a Freedom of Information request to Swindon Borough Council, an up-to-date map of the East Wichel restricted parking zone [pdf] now being implemented. Previously, only draft versions of the map were available. The map shows the mews areas excluded from the restricted parking zone. But parking bays in the mews that are

Parking restriction introduction detailed in letter to residents

Swindon Borough Council has hand delivered a letter to residents in Wichelstowe, detailing the introduction of the Restricted Parking Zone in East Wichel. Until Sunday 16 October they will be publicising the scheme. After that they will initially issue warning notices to those not complying with the regulations, but will start issuing penalties on ‘main

East Wichel parking restrictions to be phased in from start of October

Parking restrictions in East Wichel will be phased in from the beginning of October, according to councillor Nadine Watts. The restrictions will see on-street parking limited to marked parking bays. Swindon Borough Council will be mailing residents, detailing the restrictions, and erecting the remaining warning signs. This will be followed by enforcement on main roads

End in sight for Barratt’s road surfacing

It’s over six months since Barratt Homes announced that road surfacing would take up to two months and be complete by mid-March. Now, after several delays including a change of contractor and a dispute with Swindon Borough Council, the end is finally in sight for their work. A letter to residents of Holne Road, Rylane,

More roads to be made up

Bloor Homes are surfacing Stonehenge Road between the junctions with Trevello Road / Aviemore Road and Staldon Road / Ravensdale. Their works will take four weeks and are already into their second week. Persimmon are surfacing Trecastle Road and Dunsley Vale, and expect their works to take just three days this week. Let’s hope they’ve

Road surfacing curbed by kerb height argument

Barratt Homes have written to residents in East Wichel, explaining the latest delay to surfacing work on Holne Road and Brentfore Street. The final surfacing and completion of our current works on site has been delayed due to a detailing issue raised by Swindon Borough Council which is applicable to all developers on the Wichelstowe

Swindon Borough and Police Commissioner elections 2016

Elections to Swindon Borough Council are on Thursday 5 May. Candidates for Old Town Ward, which includes East Wichel, are: Terry Davis (UKIP); Bill Hughes (Green Party); Brian Mattock (Conservative); Jane Milner-Barry (Labour); Garry Porter (Liberal Democrat). So far only the Conservatives and Labour seem to have made any attempt at canvassing in East Wichel

East Wichel Restricted Parking Zone confirmed

This evening Councillor Nadine Watts has confirmed that the decision to implement a controversial restricted parking zone in East Wichel has now been made. After a consultation that ran for sixteen months, the Swindon Borough Council cabinet member responsible for car parking, Councillor Garry Perkins, has signed the decision that will allow parking restrictions to

Barratt set dates for road surfacing

Barratt Homes have set dates for surfacing the four roads in the part of East Wichel they developed. Rylane and Holne Road will be surfaced on 12 February, whilst Timoney Place and part of Brentfore Street will be surfaced on 18 March. Repairs to the roads, paths and kerbs will start up to a month

Municipal services for Christmas and New Year

Waste and Recycling The next waste and recycling collections in East Wichel will be on Thursday 31th December, as usual, though collections may be a little later than usual. Real (not artificial) Christmas trees will be collected if left out on the normal waste collection day after festivities are over (Thursday 14th January). All decorations

Decision on East Wichel parking still months away

In a marathon community meeting on Wednesday, once again one of the main topics of discussion was parking in East Wichel. A report from the community police officer also generated a lot of debate. In a meeting lasting over two hours, the councillor who will make the decision on whether to implement parking restrictions in

Traffic restrictions for East Wichel Way

Wednesday’s East Wichel Community Association meeting was once again dominated by discussion of Swindon Borough Council’s proposed parking restrictions for East Wichel. Most of this discussion covered items discussed before. A decision on whether the proposed parking restrictions are introduced is now expected by the end of October. The further delay is a result of

East Wichel ‘bus gates’ order confirmed

The order restricting traffic at each end of East Wichel Way has now been confirmed by Swindon Borough Council. This allows police to enforce the order. Only buses and bicycles are now allowed to travel along the ends of East Wichel Way between Croft Road and Cornwood Road and between Foxham Way and Arnhill Road/Barbrook

Wichelstowe homes damaged by lightning

Shortly before 2 am today, a block of flats on East Wichel Way was struck by lightning. A chimney was damaged and a hole blown in the roof. A fire also started. The family from the top flat were checked by ambulance crews at the scene. Families have been evacuated from the flats to a

Taylor Wimpey now marketing flats above shop parade

East Wichel residents have long awaited a local shop. Talk of opening a convenience store at 34 Trevello Road has so far come to nothing. So it is a promising sign that Taylor Wimpey are now marketing the flats that will be built above the main retail parade on East Wichel Way. If they’re selling

The not-so-ugly cygnet

A duckling that has been adopted by a family of swans and cygnets is getting lots of attention from passing walkers in East Wichel. The adult swans are very protective of their brood, including the duckling which had been abandoned by its rightful parents.

Easter bus services

Thamesdown Transport will be running a revised service on route 15 to Wichelstowe and their other services over the Easter holidays. Maundy Thursday 2 April normal weekday service; Good Friday 3 April Saturday service between 8 am and 6 pm, no service outside these times; Saturday 4 April normal Saturday service; Easter Sunday 5 April