M4 tunnel works display

Event Details

Members of the public can find out more about the new access road at two drop-in events taking place at The Deanery Academy in Wichelstowe. The scheme will involve narrowing the lanes of the M4 to allow parts of the road surface to be free from traffic whilst the tunnel is dug underneath.

In the new year a section of the M4 will adopt a 50 mph speed limit and restrictions will be in place as lanes are narrowed on the motorway. However, three lanes will be kept open in both directions at all times.

The carriageways will be moved, one at a time, on to a widened opposite carriageway to enable the tunnel to be built. This will involve the creation of temporary embankments on both sides of the motorway before moving the carriageways on to the embankments. The speed restrictions will be in place for approximately 10 months.