Council plans upgraded cycle route to town

Southern Flyer cycle way plans
Proposals for a new cycle route between Wichelstowe and Swindon Town Centre
A ‘Southern Flyer’ cycle route has been proposed by Swindon Borough Council, linking Wichelstowe to Swindon town centre. The approach is based on the council’s ‘Western Flyer’ route, finished in 2014, between West Swindon and the town centre. Like that, the Southern Flyer is mainly an upgrade of existing footpaths.

Starting near Waitrose, rather than taking the most direct route along the canal towpath, the cycle way will run along the wide footpaths beside Peglars Way and Redposts Drive, before joining an existing cycle path from Wootton Bassett Road to Turner Street. After crossing Westcott Place, the route follows Canal Walk, ending at Farnsby Street near the Brunel Centre and Wharf Green bike park. The works to improve the bicycle path include branded signs, paving and bollards, plus LED lighting along the route.

The plans will be on display at Swindon Travel Choicescycling roadshow outside Waitrose on Saturday 3rd October, between 11 am and 5 pm.

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gary price
gary price
Saturday, 12 December 2015 23:57

Isn’t about time the foot path leading up to the old railway track had lighting

East Wichel News
East Wichel News
Reply to  gary price
Sunday, 13 December 2015 00:34

The plan for East Wichel included an upgraded pedestrian/cycle route to Wroughton, but not up the hill to Old Town. So although the path to Wroughton has lights, we think it’s unlikely the council will put lights on the path past Westlecott Farm Cottages.

Wednesday, 29 November 2017 12:04

It peters out at the difficult bit past Waitrose – typical UK cycling “farcility”. Also, the lights at the end of East Wichel Way don’t reliably detect bikes, so you could potentially sit there until the next bus comes along to turn them green.

East Wichel News
East Wichel News
Reply to  Roger
Wednesday, 29 November 2017 23:41

These issues were raised with Swindon Borough Council in April this year, through Swindon Bicycle Users Group and councillor Jane Milner-Barry, but nothing has happened since. If you know the line to take, you can get the lights at the end of East Wichel Way to work consistently to detect a bicycle, but the ones on the bus way on Foxham Way never work. Another other point made to the council was that the official cycle route from Churn roundabout to East Wichel (cross into the centre of Foxham Way, hope the lights will detect your bicycle, then cycle down… Read more »

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